The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 smartwatch series, which will soon be formally unveiled, does not feature any design surprises.

We were given a sneak preview of these models' designs by 91Mobiles. The round designs of the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, which are offered in a variety of colours, shouldn't come as a surprise.

The screens are made of sapphire glass or gorilla glass DX, depending on the version, as stated in the design information. There are smartwatch models that can connect to LTE as well.

Samsung better protects the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro model's screen from impacts and scratches by using a high bezel as opposed to the flat frame used in the Galaxy Watch 5 model.

The watches can accept 10W charging. With an increase from 5W to 10W on the clock side, Samsung, which is rumoured to have developed a special charger for this, can significantly shorten charging times.

Compared to the Galaxy Watch 4 series models, the 40mm and 44mm Galaxy Watch 5 models are said to have bigger batteries. Instead of the 247mAh battery, the 40mm version has a 276mAh battery.

In contrast, the 44mm model has a 397 mAh battery rather than a 361 mAh one. According to rumours, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will only come in a 45 mm model with a 572 mAh battery.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be made of titanium and sapphire glass. In other words, the smartwatch model will be extremely scratch- and impact-resistant because of its sturdy body.

One of the common benefits of the physical bezel is screen scratch protection. Many bumps won't significantly scratch the sapphire glass, but this new model won't either.

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