An industry insider has provided MySmartPrice with exclusive CAD renders of the vanilla iPhone 14 model months ahead of the launch event.

Thanks to these RAW CAD renders, we now have the most accurate look yet at what the iPhone14 will look like when it launches later this year.

The iPhone 14 CAD renders are by far the clearest look at the upcoming iPhone, which is set to debut alongside the iPhone14 Pro in September 2022.

According to the CAD renders, the iPhone 14's back panel will have a rear camera placement similar to that of the iPhone 13.

The camera housing, on the other hand, appears to have undergone a minor makeover, with a thicker glass frame surrounding it.

Like the iPhone 13, the dual rear cameras are placed next to each other, along with an LED flash module.

While the CAD renders we received do not depict the Apple logo on the back, the phone may be released without the iconic logo in the middle of the back panel.

Like the iPhone 13, the volume rocker is on the left edge of the iPhone14, with the alert slider above it and the SIM card slot below the volume keys.

The only thing on it is the power button, which is in the middle of the right panel.

In other CAD renders, regular bands can be seen running across the handset, and the charging port can be seen on the bottom panel.

According to the industry insider, the iPhone 14 will have the same 6.1-inch display as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.

Only the Pro models will be redesigned this year, while the iPhone14 and the rumored iPhone 14 Max will retain Apple's tried-and-true design.

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