The Google Pixel Watch will have a "skin interface," according to a new leak.

If this feature is enabled, users of the Google Pixel Watch will be able to control it with their skin movements.

Google filed a patent for "Skin Interface for Wearables: Sensor Fusion to Improve Signal Quality" with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in 2020.

This technique should ideally allow users to interact with their wearable device, such as the upcoming Google Pixel Watch, solely through their body movements.

Signals can be transmitted to your smartwatch by tapping your earlobes or rubbing your fingers over the skin around it.

Device will detect the "mechanical wave" caused by the gesture using an accelerometer and other sensors, which Google has dubbed "Sensor Fusion."

Simply put, if you twirl your fingers on your palm, your smartwatch should detect the motion and perform the desired action.

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