Google Pixel Fold First Look Has Surfaced Online

The somewhat unconventional design of the upcoming Google Pixel Fold has now been revealed by a well-known YouTuber, in what may end up being one of the more thorough leaks of the year.

According to reports, the high-end smartphone will have very large display bezels, a camera bump on the back that resembles a visor, and a very high price.

The host of the well-known YouTube channel Front Page Tech, Jon Prosser, has posted a relevant video with numerous excellent images of the Google Pixel Fold.

The leaker claims to be certain that the metal and glass design depicted in these images, some of which are also embedded below this article, represents the final layout of the upcoming foldable from the search giant.

He also claims that the Google Pixel Fold's official release date is set for May 2023 and that its official list price in the US will be a rather exorbitant US$1,799.

Overall, the Google Pixel Fold's design appears to be quite similar to that of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4, but the South Korean rival's top and bottom bezels appear to be noticeably more pronounced.

Only the secondary display on the exterior, which is said to contain a 9.5-megapixel selfie camera, has a punch hole in the center.

Last but not least, the triple camera configuration on the back is integrated into a camera bump that resembles a visor, which adheres to the distinct design aesthetic of the Pixel 7 Pro.

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