OnePlus 9 Series Now Has Hasselblad XPan Panorama Mode With New Update

OnePlus 9 Series Hasselblad XPan Panorama Mode

The OnePlus 9 series was announced by OnePlus earlier this year. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, the company’s most recent flagship devices, feature premium hardware that will be available on any 2021 flagship smartphone. For the OnePlus 9 series, OnePlus partnered with legendary camera maker Hasselblad to improve camera performance. The company stated at … Read more

OnePlus 9 Pro White Color Variant Could Be Launch Soon

OnePlus 9 Pro White

According to reports, the OnePlus 9 Pro white color variant will be released soon. The news comes after OnePlus’ COO, Liu Fengshuo, allegedly posted a live image of a white OnePlus 9 Pro on Chinese social media platform Weibo, implying that the device is nearing release. However, it is currently unknown whether the white OnePlus … Read more

ONEPLUS 9: Specifications revealed from the first live photo

ONEPLUS 9: Specifications revealed from the first live photo

For the first time photo of oneplus 9 was spotted live. The photo was spotted, on a new blogger’s Twitter. A center-mounted cutout screen appears when you look at the OnePlus 9 photo carefully. The photo also shows the features of the phone; the OnePlus 9 will be based on Qualcomm’s newest chip Snapdragon 888. … Read more