Meta has built an AI research supercomputer called the SuperCluster, which is said to be the fastest in the world


On Monday, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, announced the development of one of the world’s fastest artificial intelligence supercomputers. The social media behemoth hopes that the machine will help develop the metaverse, a virtual reality construct that will eventually replace the Internet as we know it. According to Facebook, the computer will be the fastest in … Read more

Facebook Smartwatch Leaked Patent Shows Detachable Display and Camera

Facebook Smartwatch

Facebook (now Meta) announced last year that it is working on a smartwatch that will be released in Summer 2022. The smartwatch will have a rounded screen and a front-facing camera. Bloomberg leaked the first image of the Meta smartwatch in October 2021. LetsGoDigital has obtained more information about Meta’s first smartwatch. According to reports, … Read more

Facebook Name Has Been Changed: It Is Now Called ‘Meta’


yesterday, Facebook, which remains at the center of social media, released the expected statement. The name of the company has changed. The details are here: Facebook made headlines last week when it announced that it is considering renaming itself to better reflect its metaverse plans. Meta was chosen as the new name because it resembles … Read more

Facebook apologies for the second outage in a week and services have been restored

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are down

Facebook Inc apologized to users for a two-hour outage on Friday, blaming the outage on another faulty configuration change. This is the company’s second global outage this week. The latest outage impacted the company’s social media platform, Instagram, Messenger, and Workplace, according to the company. “Please accept our sincere apologies to anyone unable to access … Read more

Telegram gained 70 million new users after WhatsApp, Facebook went down


Users all over the world were recently unable to access Facebook and its other services, such as WhatsApp and Instagram. The outage lasted more than 6 hours and cost Facebook millions of dollars in lost revenue. During the outage, however, the grass was greener for WhatsApp competitor Telegram, which gained millions of new followers. During … Read more

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are down for users globally

WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook are down

All of Facebook’s services, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger, are currently unavailable. The company confirmed this with tweets across its various corporate handles, including the Facebook app, Instagram, and WhatsApp (since Twitter is the only major social platform that is currently operational). It promised that the app would be back online soon, though the company … Read more

Messenger now allows Instagram users to participate in group chats

Messenger now allows Instagram users to participate in group chats

Today, Facebook, which is at the heart of social media, and Instagram began a joint group period in message boxes. For a long time, the Facebook and Instagram message boxes have been combined. In fact, according to the company, this preference-based system has reached a 70 percent adaptation level. A new era begins here today … Read more

Instagram Kids app for children under the age of 13 has paused due to backlash

Instagram Kids

Instagram, a Facebook-owned photo-sharing app, announced on Monday that work on an “Instagram Kids” version for children under the age of 13 has been put on hold. The launch of “Instagram Kids” has been met with opposition from US lawmakers and advocacy groups, who have urged the social media giant to abandon its plans, claiming … Read more

Facebook Messenger Gets New Quick Reply Bar and new chat themes

Facebook Messanger theme

Facebook Messenger new features won the market because it is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications. With its latest update, Fb Messenger introduces three new features that will be available to everyone soon. The first of these makes responding to video content easier. The “Quick Reply Bar” feature, as the company calls … Read more