WhatsApp users may soon be able to  pause recording voice messages

WhatsApp is without a doubt the world’s most popular personal messaging app. The platform’s developers are constantly working on new features and bug fixes with over a billion active users. End-to-end encryption chat backup on iOS, multi-device support, WhatsApp Pay, and other features have recently been added to the platform. The ability to pause voice recordings is currently being tested by the company.

WABetainfo discovered the new feature, which is called “Pause voice recordings.” Although the feature is still in beta, it will allow you to record your voice rather than sending multiple voice notes. For the time being, you must long press the microphone button in the chat to record a voice note, which will then be sent to the user once you release your finger.

With the new update, you’ll be able to pause, resume, and continue recording at the same time, allowing you to send a clear message all at once. Furthermore, you will not be forced to use this feature to record multiple voice notes. It can be a very useful feature for those who use the voice recording feature frequently.

WhatsApp Pause voice recording message:  How does it work?

Once you’ve finished recording your voice, the new WhatsApp feature will display a record button, as shown in the image. You can resume the voice recording by pressing the record button again.

According to the report, this feature was discovered on iOS during the development process. However, the feature is expected to be available soon for both Android and iOS Beta versions. Previously, WhatApp voice recording included playback speed control options that let you listen to the voice note at 1x, 1.5x, or 2x speed.

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