Twitch claims the breach was caused by a change in the server configuration

Twitch released a new statement about the ‘hack,’ which detonated like a bomb on the agenda. The platform stated that there was no indication that user data was leaked and that credit cards were safe when explaining how the breach occurred.

Millions of users were surprised by an unexpected event yesterday while immersed in the world of video games and live broadcasts. Twitch, one of the world’s most popular live-streaming platforms, was literally hacked to the bone. Hackers were able to obtain user data as well as Twitch’s source codes. Twitch has now issued the anticipated statement.

Twitch executives, who were forced to issue a statement after learning of the incident, confirmed the hacking allegations firsthand. The company stated in its initial statement that they are working on the problem and will continue to provide updates. That information transfer has now occurred, albeit in part. As a result, at least a few of the users’ concerns were alleviated.

Credit card information is safe

According to an official statement posted on Twitch’s official blog page, an error was made while working on the servers, and the data was made available to the public, sparking the hacking process. The authorities also set up comforting sentences about credit cards, stating that the studies are ongoing but that based on the preliminary findings, there is no indication that the users’ data has been leaked. Twitch by registered users of credit cards of all information in the system because there are no concerns about the credit card in question’s security.

A striking detail has been revealed as a result of the hacking of Amazon’s live streaming platform. So much so that the company was working on a game platform that would compete with Steam. This platform, codenamed Vapor, gained popularity due to its ability to integrate games with Twitch.

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