Google search results included a guitar tuner

Google continues to improve its search results by adding useful tools. This time a guitar tuner arrived.

The vehicle you see above now appears when you search for “Google tuner” on Google. The app, which works on both mobile and desktop, allows you to tune your guitar using the devices’ microphones.

Here, you can play the guitar and listen to the system’s sound, and you can quickly set up the necessary settings using Google’s instructions. The tool, which appears to be very useful, eliminates the need for any additional hardware or software for this process.

Google also made good environmental-oriented announcements yesterday

The company now allows people to drive their cars to their destinations while using the least amount of fuel possible. The company, which integrates it directly into Maps, aims to reduce CO2 emissions significantly.

Google is making environmental updates to its main service, the search system, claiming that we don’t have time to waste on the environment and is completely correct. People will be introduced to more environmentally friendly products in the coming period. Electric and hybrid vehicles, rather than fossil fuel-powered vehicles, will be featured in future automobile searches.

According to the search results, household products that improve energy efficiency will be given special attention, and these will be highlighted in the search results. This will encourage all businesses to create more environmentally friendly products, which will benefit everyone.

Google stated that it wants to use artificial intelligence to make traffic lights smarter and increase the efficiency of the process and that it will also assist people in choosing flights that produce fewer emissions in the future. These details will also be highlighted in “green” colours.

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