Dying Light 2 Delay Explained; Dev Claims That Each Skill Will Be a Game-Changer

Dying Light 2 release date was originally set for 2021, much to the delight of fans who have been waiting for a sequel that seemed unlikely at first but was eventually inevitable. The developers felt that the game could use a few more months of polish to live up to the fanbase’s high expectations and imagination, given the high level of expectation and hype surrounding it.

As a result, Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s release date has been pushed back from December 7, 2021, to February 4, 2022. In an interview with EDGE magazine, Techland Lead Designer Tymon Smektala explained the reason for the most recent delay. Smektala goes into great detail about the features the studio is working on, such as seamlessly combining free-running and combat to make the two systems flow together.

Dying Light 2: Stay Human’s release has been postponed, but for good reason, according to the dev

In the sequel, Tymon Smektala emphasized the importance of the skill tree in the overall experience, as well as the importance of character progression. He also mentioned how the skills in the first game were merely filler, whereas, in Dying Light 2, every skill is essentially a game-changer.

Making a sequel to a game with such a steep learning curve is extremely difficult. Smektala explained, “You’ve already spent 50, 100, or 200 hours increasing your powers, and now you have to start over.” “Some skills were initially just filler, tweaking attributes. In Dying Light 2, every skill is a game-changer. Almost every one of them gives you a new ability that you can use right away on enemies.”

Smektala went on to say that the two-month delay will be used for development purposes:

“In the game, everything is double-checked.” Dying Light 2 is full of complex, intersecting systems created by hundreds of people – they all start to click and start working together at some point during development, but you also start to notice various edge cases where they don’t, and you want to fix them. Even though these are typically simple fixes, you should test and catch as many as possible. Those two months will be entirely dedicated to this. “Perhaps we’ll also include a couple of Easter eggs…”

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is one of the most eagerly anticipated sequels due out next year, as well as one of the most high-profile films in recent memory. The sequel has a lot riding on it, given how the first became a sleeper hit and a huge success for Techland, and from what we’ve heard, the studio knows exactly what it takes to live up to such lofty expectations.

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