Xiaomi Smart Glasses Launched With Calling, Photos, and Navigation Features

On September 15, Xiaomi will host a major global event. Several new products, including phones and tablets, are expected to be unveiled by the company. The Xiaomi 11T series and the Mi Pad 5 could be unveiled at the launch event for the global market. At the event, Xiaomi could also unveil the 11 Lite NE 5G. The company has quietly unveiled a new wearable concept product a day ahead of its global launch event. Xiaomi recently unveiled its first smart glasses. The smart wearable is still a concept, with a focus on the Chinese market.

Xiaomi Smart Glasses

In China, Xiaomi has unveiled a new pair of smart glasses. The wearable is a concept with a MicroLED display for consuming content. Xiaomi’s concept glasses can display notifications, take photos, make calls, perform real-time translation, and act as a teleprompter, among other things.

The sunglasses, which look like any other pair of sunglasses, are 51 grams in weight. MicroLEDs are used for backlighting in the Xiaomi glasses, as previously stated. A peak brightness of 2 million nits is achieved by the monochrome display. The display chip is 2.3mm x 2.02mm in size, allowing it to fit inside the glasses frame. It employs optical waveguide technology to accurately transmit light beams to the human eye “through the microscopic grating structure of the optical waveguide lens,” which refracts light at 180 degrees.

The front of the glasses also has a 5MP camera for taking pictures. It also has dual beam-forming mics and speakers for taking calls, real-time transcription of audio, and so on. Furthermore, the glasses include Xiaomi’s XiaoAI assistant as a primary mode of interaction. It selects the most important phone notifications and displays them on the display. The Assistant also displays the phone number of the incoming caller, which aids navigation and other tasks.

The glasses are equipped with a quad-core ARM processor and a built-in battery. They also have a touchpad, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and an indicator light that turns on when the camera is turned on.

As previously stated, smart glasses are still a concept, and no official word on pricing or availability has been released.

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