iPad mini 6 will Be Launched in October With an 8.38-Inch Display

In less than hours, Apple will take the stage to unveil the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7. While we wait for the event to start, a new report claims that the iPad mini 6 with an 8.38-inch display will be released in October. More information on the upcoming iPad can be found by scrolling down.

The iPad mini 6 could be Launched in October with a larger 8.38-inch display

An Elecom glass screen protector for the 8,38-inch “small” iPad, which is presumably the iPad mini 6, is listed in a Japanese accessory listing (via Gizmodo Japan). So far, the display size in the list has been very precise and specific. The upcoming iPad mini 6 is expected to have a display size of eight to nine inches, according to previous reports. The 8.3-inch figure was previously quoted by Ross Young, and the most recent information backs it up.

With a 7.9-inch display on the current iPad mini 5, the 8.38-inch display is more than welcome in a more or less similar size. We recently saw an iPad mini 6 case with repositioned volume buttons on the top. Given the smaller size of the upcoming iPad mini, it makes sense to move the volume buttons from the side to the top. Apple will be able to make room for the Apple Pencil as a result of this.

iPad mini 6

According to what we’ve learned so far, the iPad mini 6 will have slimmer bezels than the current model. In terms of design, it will be similar to the iPad Air 4 and iPad Pro models. The Home button will be removed, and Touch ID will be incorporated into the Power button.

On Wednesday, October 20th, the screen protector was set to go on sale. This suggests that Apple may release the iPad mini 6 around the same time. Take note, however, that Apple has not released any information about the final launch dates, so take the news with a grain of salt. Apple is also expected to release the new iPad mini 6 alongside the M1X MacBook Pro models later this fall, according to previous reports.

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