Fortnite BANNED from Apple App Store, Says Epic CEO

In August 2020, Epic Games (Fortnite) filed a lawsuit against Apple over the company’s App Store practices, kicking off a showdown between two of the world’s most powerful companies. The case’s ramifications have been severe for Epic, as Tim Sweeny, the company’s CEO, revealed on Twitter that Apple has refused to reinstate Epic Games’ developer account on the App Store.

Fortnite will be permanently banned from the App Store as a result of this, which could last up to five years. According to Sweeny, Apple informed Epic that Fortnite will be blacklisted from the Apple ecosystem until “all court appeals have been exhausted,” which could take up to five years.

This was after Epic agreed to “play by the same rules as everyone else” for Fortnite to be reinstated on the App Store, according to Sweeney.

Apple has refused to reinstate Epic’s developer account after Fortnite was removed from the App Store

While the general consensus in the community was that once the Epic v Apple trial concluded, the entire conflict would be resolved. However, this does not appear to be the case, as Epic has stated that it will continue to fight Apple on this issue.

Sweeney’s comments on Twitter stood out in particular, as he explained that by doing so, Apple is stifling fair competition and limiting consumer choice. Referring to the loss of Fortnite, along with Roblox and PUBG Mobile, as an iOS metaverse competitor, which has harmed the evolution of “the new medium of our era.”

Apple appears to have confirmed the authenticity of Tim’s email on Twitter but has declined to comment further.

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