Battlefield 2042 beta codes are reportedly being sent to Amazon pre-order customers

Battlefield 2042 was recently delayed by about a month, which meant the beta, which was originally scheduled for September, would be pushed back as well, but it appears that Amazon missed the memo. A Reddit user shared an email from Amazon informing them that their Battlefield 2042 pre-order had been fulfilled and that they had received an early access beta code.

Many more users shared the email they received after pre-ordering from Amazon and receiving an early access beta code. Battlefield 2042’s beta is set to launch in October, so it’s unclear how those who pre-ordered on Amazon and redeemed the code will be able to play it then.

Battlefield 2042 and EA Community Manager took to Twitter to address some of the concerns raised by those who ordered from other digital stores, such as the PlayStation Store, and why they haven’t received their copies yet.

Battlefield 2042 Beta codes are now out in the open

His response was simple: each retailer will handle the pre-order/beta code situation differently, and Amazon just sent it out. As we approach November 19, 2021, and prepare for a good ol’ traditional FPS throwdown between Call of Duty Vanguard and Battlefield 2042, all eyes are on Battlefield 2042, which is one of the year’s biggest releases.

Battlefield 2042

The upcoming DICE game appears to be one of the company’s most ambitious yet, which explains the delay, as having a polished game on launch has become critical to success in the modern era. On next-gen consoles, Battlefield 2042 will introduce 128-player lobbies that will be partially populated by AI bots, making the most of the improved hardware.

The beta is set to launch in October, and it’ll be interesting to see which game modes are available during the early access period.

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