Apple Watch Series 7 production is expected to ramp up by the end of September, according to a new report

Apple is expected to make significant changes to its product lineup later this month and in the fall. We discussed how the company planned to host multiple events this year last month. The MacBook Pro models could be announced later this fall, while the iPhone 13 is expected to be released later this month. Apple Watch Series 7 production will be increased by the end of September, according to reports. Scroll down to learn more about the topic.

By the end of this month, Apple Watch Series 7 production will have increased

It makes perfect sense to separate the products for separate events, given that Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone 13 series, redesigned iPad mini 6, Apple’s Watch Series 7, AirPods 3, and new MacBook Pro models. Due to chip shortages and design challenges, it appears that production delays will be a part of the launch this year. Apple’s Watch Series 7 production is expected to ramp up by the end of this month, according to reports.

The information comes from a DigiTimes report that is only available to subscribers. We previously learned that the Apple Watch’s complicated redesign is causing production delays. At this time, it is unclear whether the production delays will affect the launch of Apple’s Watch Series 7. The Apple Watch is expected to debut with a new design that includes a flat-edged casing and larger 41mm and 45mm displays.

Furthermore, Mark Gurman believes that the upcoming Apple Watch will not include a blood pressure sensor. Apple’s Watch Series 7 will, however, be able to measure blood pressure, according to Nikkei Asia. Nonetheless, the launch is approaching, and Apple has the final say.

Although the new Apple Watch will have a larger chassis, it is expected that the Series 7 will still work with older bands. In addition, the company is working on Apple Watch Series 7 watch faces that are exclusive to the company.

Folks, that’s all there is to it. Do you believe the Apple Watch launch will be pushed back due to manufacturing issues? Please let us know in the comments section.

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