Apple VR Headset could have a 3,000ppi high-resolution micro OLED display

New information comes from time to time for the Apple Glass model, with its possible name. This time there is information directly related to the screen.

Apple Glass, a curious product that will blend the foundations of augmented reality and virtual reality in a pot ( Blended Reality ), is expected to be released in 2022 or 2023.

This product was recently announced with the news that it will almost certainly require an iPhone connection to function properly. Other Apple devices, such as an iPad, can also be connected, according to this statement.

With the influence of current CEO Tim Cook, Apple will not make the first title a completely independent option, and in this way, it will most likely avoid many problems. Apple attaches great importance to this title. Tim Cook does not want to retire without removing this product, according to the information.

Product information can now be displayed on a micro OLED display with the full 3,000 PPI that the agenda required. Apple has requested samples from a South Korean company for this screen, according to the information. Apple is currently testing them, but the title indicates that this screen will be used.

For a small screen, 3,000 pixels per inch is extremely high. Unlike many of its competitors, Apple does not want the pixels on the model’s screen to be counted. In the field, the company intends to show off the highest possible resolution and sharpness.

Apple Glass still doesn’t seem to reach the general audience

Users are expected to be somewhat enthusiastic about this product at first but then forget about it. Because a model like the one in this concept is not suitable for daily use, i.e., wearing all the time.

Everyone wishes for AR glasses that are similar to regular glasses that they can wear all day, as shown in the previously prepared concepts, but this does not appear to be a realistic possibility shortly.

Source: MacRumors

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