Apple iPhone 13 launch event scheduled for September 14th

The expected September 14 event was just announced by Apple. The iPhone 13 is one of the many products that will be released at this event. The iPhone 13 family, which will include four different models, will be unveiled on September 14th, according to Mark Gurman, a reliable source for Apple.

Aside from iPhones, the long-awaited wireless earphones AirPods 3 and iPad mini 6 with iPad Pro design will be unveiled at the event. The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch model is also one of the key products that will undoubtedly be showcased at the event.

According to reports, the event will feature a regular iPad with updated hardware. This model is said to be focused on basic needs, specifically students. For the time being, no other hardware announcements are expected at the event.

It’s unclear when the products that will be unveiled at the event will be available for purchase. Apple and its suppliers are being hit hard by the global chip crisis and pandemics. For example, the Watch Series 7 is a limited-edition release. There isn’t expected to be a massive stock shortage on the iPhone 13.

Apple will not introduce the next-generation MacBook Pro models at the September 14 event

This may seem a little depressing to some, but as we previously stated, the models appear to be well worth the wait. Because the Apple M1X processors in the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models are built on a brand new infrastructure. These products will be introduced at the event, according to Nov.

According to what we know, the design will be updated with new models with Mini-LED displays, such as the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, and ports such as HDMI and SD card slots will be placed in the laptops. In addition, the new MagSafe, which is based on magnets, will be used to charge the products.

The models’ performance will be excellent, especially with the new Apple Silicon processor. M1X The new Apple Silicon processor, codenamed, will feature eight high-performance cores and two low-end / efficiency-focused cores.

Apple’s new processor is said to have 16 or 32 GPU cores, depending on the configuration. Models can now have up to 64 GB of RAM thanks to the new processor.

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