Android 12 expected to debut on October 4th

The long wait for Android 12 may be over, as a new rumor claims that the new version of Google’s operating system will be released in the first week of October. To be more specific, Android 12 is expected to begin rolling out on October 4th to Pixel phones, with a wider rollout to follow.

Google has dropped a hint in a new tweet, claiming that the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) version of Android 12 will be released on October 4. Because the AOSP is frequently released concurrently with the stable release of an Android version, it is expected that Android 12 will be released on the same day.

Of course, this is only on Pixel phones at first. Those expecting the Android 12 update on other smartphones, on the other hand, may have to wait much longer. When a new Android version is released, a small number of Android OEMs are quick to update their devices. Many, on the other hand, take much longer, often releasing it months after the official launch.

Regardless, XDA editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman’s tweet gives us a rough timeline for when Android 12 will be released. So just mentioning a date enthralls millions of Android users who are looking forward to a new era of Android on their smartphones.

(Image: Twitter/ Mishaal Rahman)

The October 4th date also coincides with Google’s next Pixel lineup’s expected launch date. In October, Google is expected to release its all-new Pixel 6 series. The smartphones will almost certainly make their debut with the new Android version. As a result, Android 12 must be released before the Pixel 6 phones.

Furthermore, it has been reported that pre-orders for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will begin on October 19. By October 28, the devices will be available in stores and in the hands of those who pre-ordered them. Even if Google introduces Android 12 after the official launch of the Pixel 6 series, it will have to do so before the devices are shipped, which is expected to happen in October.

However, given the October 4 deadline, it appears that this will not be the case. Now all that remains is to see which OEMs will be the first to receive the all-new Android OS.


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