Xbox Cloud Gaming is now available on Windows PC, but only to Xbox Insiders

Microsoft has just announced the official launch of the Xbox Cloud Gaming service on Windows PC via its social media channels; the Beta version app is only available to Xbox Insider program members and allows streaming access to the Game Pass catalog.

The arrival of xCloud on PC has been in the works for some time, and today marks a significant step closer to its official release. Subscribers to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate who are part of the Insider Program should have received an invitation to try out the PC version of Xbox Cloud Gaming early.

The service can be accessed from any computer running Windows 10 regardless of the hardware configuration. The games don’t use the PC’s internal components, instead of relying on the network to connect to Microsoft’s powerful servers. This means that even older machines with obsolete components or those that aren’t suitable for traditional gaming PCs can use the service.

Microsoft’s gaming division thanks participants in the Insider program in an official press release, saying that their feedback “will help build a great cloud gaming experience through the Xbox app.”

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