OPPO announced MagVOOC the magnetic wireless charging technology

The magnetic wireless charging technology “MagVOOC” has been announced by OPPO. For the time being, MagVOOC, which is almost identical to Apple’s MagSafe technology, is only compatible with three new accessories. The accessories’ release dates and prices are unknown at this time.

As part of the Smart China Expo 2021 activities, Chinese technology company OPPO revealed the next generation magnetic wireless charging technology. OPPO said that it will create a 40-watt charging stand, a 20-watt charging pad, and a 20-watt wireless charger for the feature, which is a duplicate of Apple’s MagSafe technology.

MagVOOC’s charging stand, according to OPPO, charges the Ace 2 phone with a 4,000 mAh battery in just 56 minutes with 40 watts of electricity. On the other side, older devices like the Find X3 may use MagVOOC at 30 watts. By the way, any smartphones that support the Qi standard, including OPPO’s, may use MagVOOC up to 15 watts. For the time being, it is unclear if these phones will require a case-like construction to use MagVOOC.

The MagVOOC accessories from OPPO look like this

When compared to similar devices from businesses like Apple or Realme, OPPO’s MagVOOC-supported charging pad does not offer a substantial difference. Other Qi-standard smartphones may be charged at 15 watts using the pad, which can charge compatible OPPO devices at 20 watts. This pad also has voltage and over-temperature protection.

The wireless charger will most likely be the most noticeable feature offered with MagVOOC. According to the company’s assertions, this power bank can handle up to 20 watts of power. Other Qi-enabled cellphones can be used at 10 watts both connected and wirelessly. The power bank alone takes about 2 hours to charge.

Although OPPO announced the accessories it is developing for MagVOOC technology, it did not provide pricing or availability information. According to industry sources, the items will be available in China and then the rest of the world as soon as feasible.

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