GTA 5 has sold 150 million copies in the past 3 months

GTA 5, which pushed to the top of the most popular games lists around the world and brought in a lot of money for Rockstar, sold over 150 million copies. Even though it has reached the age of eight, the game, which has reached this point of sale, appears to have a long way to go.

GTA 5, one of Rockstar’s games that have redefined gaming standards, has been active since its release and has received frequent updates. After 8 years, the game, which still has the same vigor as the first day, is still at the top of the list of most played games.

Although the game’s physics, memorable main characters, missions, and other features are all memorable, we can attribute the majority of the game’s success to the online component. GTA 5 was able to sell 150 million copies thanks to its online mode, which kept the first day’s activity high. According to previous Rockstar announcements, the game will not be satisfied with this number.

In the last three months, GTA 5 has sold 5 million copies:


The majority of games make their debut, generate excitement, are played, and then fade away as time passes. However, we can say that GTA 5 has misinterpreted the situation. Because, despite the passage of time, the game continues to sell well and its online component continues to grow.

GTA 5’s sales data was last shared three months ago at 145 million copies. These figures will skyrocket with the release of GTA Online as a standalone game and the new GTA 5 version developed for next-generation PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

GTA 5 has sold 150 million copies, bringing the total number of GTA games sold to 350 million. Apart from GTA, Rockstar’s other well-known series, Red Dead Redemption, has sold over 60 million copies worldwide. Red Dead Redemption 2 accounts for 38 million of these sales.

According to the data, GTA 5, which recently received the Los Santos Tuners update, will reach higher numbers. In the comments section, you can share your thoughts on the game.

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