Galaxy Book Fold 17: Samsung May Launch Laptop With Foldable Display in 2022

We’ve seen hints of a big project involving the South Korean notebook line, which could include a model with a huge folding screen in 2022. Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Book Fold 17 that could be released next year.

Ice Universe, a well-known leaker on Twitter, shared the name Galaxy Book Fold 17 and posted an image with the logo. Essentially, it refers to a 17-inch laptop with two screens. Furthermore, according to leaker Ben Geskin, Samsung Display demonstrated a similar device in a video released in May 2021.

The notebook has two screens (or one) with thin edges, one of which functions as an interactive keyboard that can be used with various layouts and formats, as seen 40 seconds into the video. Furthermore, the device can be fully opened to create a massive screen that is twice the size of a tablet.

FrontTron, the leaker, also shared some additional details about the notebook, claiming that it will be announced in the first quarter of 2021 and will be 13 inches when folded and 17 inches when opened.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear whether this device will run Android or Windows, but given how close Microsoft and Samsung are becoming, it is likely that the device will be announced with Windows 11, which will include some new features and innovations as a result of this partnership.

It’s important to remember that the final device may differ from the one shown in the video; after all, the video’s main purpose is to show what Samsung’s next OLED-screen devices might look like.

Via: wccftech

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