Free Fire 4th Anniversary Event will take place on August 20th: Missions, Rewards and Celebration Song, and more

The Free Fire 4th anniversary event will be held on Garena Free Fire to commemorate four years of the popular battle royale game. The anniversary celebration will begin on Friday, August 20, and end on Sunday, September 5. The Free Fire 4th anniversary event will include a variety of special rewards and missions, and reports have now revealed the event calendar, which includes dates for every player in the game.

The Free Fire 4th anniversary party will take place from August 20 to September 5, according to the full schedule. There will be one or more rewards for players to win on each of these days. Free Fire will host a Lone Wolf Mode Open from August 20 to 29, which will be an in-game tournament exclusively for the new Lone Wolf Mode. The latter is a new in-game mode that allows players to fight one-on-one or in a 2v2 team deathmatch. The mode will be a best-of-nine format, with the winner being the first player or team to win five games.

Players can win up to ten game anniversary dynamic tokens, incubator vouchers, and diamond royale vouchers in this mode. The prizes are distributed among players who play at least three, five, or ten games. Special login rewards will be available until September 1 for the Free Fire 4th anniversary event, including the Bright Lights after three logins, the Turn Up in-game banner after five logins, and the Thrash Metallic reward after seven consecutive logins.

During this time, players will be presented with special “complete mission” tasks that will reward them with anniversary red tokens, Clash Squad Cup upgrade vouchers, and Diamond Royale vouchers. On August 28, there will be special after-match drop rewards, including 4th-anniversary Dynamic tokens and 4x the number of in-match tokens. The remaining events include an Anniversary Quiz until August 29, a ‘Booyah Now!’ special event from August 28 to September 5, a special free character upon login on August 28, a Cube fragment reward on August 28, and the CS Cup Challenge 1.0 and 2.0 on August 28 and September 3, respectively.

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