PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update includes new features, free rewards, and more

PUBG Mobile Update 1.5 is now available, allowing players to see what the developers have been up to all this time. The new Tesla Gigafactory, as well as several new firearms and vehicles, are among the highlights of this update, which will undoubtedly add a lot more variety to the experience.

The game has managed to maintain its dominance in the mobile market for so long, and it appears that the trend is only going up as developers continue to release high-quality updates. For this PUBG Mobile update, which requires 686 MB of storage space on Android and 1.64GB on iOS, the server will not be taken offline.

Upgrading to 1.5 will earn you free rewards

Players who want to form a squad must all be on the most recent version of the game, as players from different versions of the game will not be able to do so. Between July 9 and July 16, players will receive a couple of bonuses for updating to PUBG Mobile 1.5, including:

  • BP 2888
  • AG 100
  • Victorian Maiden Backpack (3d) ×1

What’s new in PUBG Mobile Version 1.5; Patch Notes

Mission Ignition

Players will seek adventures in a familiar city that has been transformed beyond recognition in PUBG Mobile’s newest adventure, which will be set in Erangel. Ernagel is being used as an experimental base by DynaHex, a technology, an energy company, for their latest scientific research.

Several locations in Erangel have been renamed to better suit their new functions. This change may appear abrupt at first, but it indicates that developers are willing to experiment with established game design.

In Mission Ignition, there are some unique gameplay systems

  • Dynamic Elements

The upgraded urban area will feature Dynamic Elements lifts, automatic doors, and other moving platforms. ​

  • HyperLines

To make travel on Erangel more efficient, the Logistics Agency has established HyperLines that connect the island’s various cities. These HyperLines can be used by players to move between fixed locations at specific times and to take advantage of these characteristics to use more tactics. ​

  • Air Conveyor

Outside of some urban areas and bases, the Command Center has set up this special transport tool to assist security personnel in traveling by air and conducting patrols in the sky.

​Unique Firearms from Mission Ignition

  • ASM Abakan is a new weapon


  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Muzzle Brake
  • Drum Magazine

In PUBG Mobile, Tesla collaborated

Tesla Gigafactory

On the map, the Tesla Gigafactory will appear. Activate all of the factory’s assembly line switches to begin the car assembly process and build a Tesla Model Y.

Model Y + Self-driving

The Tesla Gigafactory’s self-driving cars have an autopilot mode that can be activated on the map’s highways to automatically take players to the locations of pre-set markers along the highway.

Tesla Semi

Tesla’s self-driving transportation vehicles will appear at random along the road in the wild and drive themselves along predetermined routes. Dealing damage to the Semi will cause it to drop Supply Crates, which you can use to get battle supplies.

PUBG Mobile Update 1.5 adds a slew of new features and tweaks to the game’s quality of life that will vastly improve the player experience. The patch notes from the Tencent Community Team have a complete list of all the changes.

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