Apple may include Touch ID in the Power Button, On future iPhone models

The new iPad Air 4 has a design that is similar to Apple’s new ‘Pro’ models. The iPad, on the other hand, has Touch ID embedded in the Power button rather than Face ID. While it’s a nice spot because the finger naturally goes to the power button, Apple appears to be considering the same approach for future iPhone models. Touch ID is shown in the iPhone’s power button in a new Apple patent.

Touch ID in the iPhone’s Side or Power Button Could Appear in Future Apple iPhone Models

Apple was granted the patent two years before the iPad Air 4 was released last year. The patent was then updated to include an image of the lock screen that looks similar to that of the iPhone. The Lock Screen authentication is shown in three stages in the Apple patent. The first stage depicts the iPhone waiting to be unlocked; the second stage depicts the authentication process; the third stage depicts the completion of the authentication process.

Touch ID in Apple iPhon Power Button

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors about the iPhone getting Touch ID soon. Touch ID will be built into the iPhone 13’s display, according to previous reports. The technology is described in the Apple patent.

“Where the electronic device has a button with an embedded fingerprint sensor, and the button is a power button.”

PatentlyApple discovered the patent, which depicts the iPhone getting Touch ID in the Home button. It’s important to note that Apple is free to make the change whenever it sees fit. It’s also possible that Touch ID won’t be included in the iPhone’s Power button. Take the news with a grain of salt from now on.

Back in 2020, it was speculated that the 2021 iPhone SE would include Touch ID in the Power button. However, due to the ongoing health crises, the smartphone was not released this year. The anticipated launch date was then pushed back to 2022.

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