Apple iMac Pro (2021) 11th Gen Intel Core i7 SoC was discovered on Geekbench

The new M1 iMac was unveiled by Apple earlier this year. Apple’s new desktop computer has a new design that includes a larger screen and slimmer bezels. Apple’s custom M1 chip, which is also found in the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, is included in the 24-inch model. Apple is expected to release a new Pro version of its iMac later this year, according to rumors. As of now, there is no official word on the timeline.

Meanwhile, the Geekbench website has been visited by the iMac Pro 2021. According to the variant listed on the benchmark website, Apple may release an Intel-based iMac Pro later this year. Let’s take a look at the Apple iMac Pro (2021) specifications, features, and other details that have been leaked.

Geekbench: Apple iMac Pro (2021)

The iMac Pro (2021) could be released later this year. The desktop has visited the Geekbench website in advance of the launch. It reveals some intriguing details about Apple’s upcoming desktop computer. According to the Laptop Under Budget, Apple’s Pro desktop could be equipped with an 11th-generation Intel Core i7 processor. Last year, Apple stated that the transition from Intel to its custom Apple silicon would take two years. As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we see new Mac models with Intel processors.

Geekbench lists the iMac Pro as having a Core i7-11700K CPU, which was released in Q1 2021. The 14nm chip has eight cores and a base clock speed of 3.6GHz. It can run at up to 5GHz. Geekbench lists a variant with 32GB of RAM as well. On the Geekbench 5 CPU test, it received a single-core score of 1524 and a multi-core score of 8804. The score is lower than that of the M1 MacBook Pro, which received 1704 and 7393 points respectively.

Apple iMac Pro (2021)

Apple is likely to release a Core i9 variant, as well as one with its custom silicon. It could also have a larger screen than the current 27-inch model. Apple has not stated whether or not the device will be released. The iMac Pro is expected to be released in early 2022, if not later this year.

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