Xiaomi has filed a patent on CNIPA to charge smartphone using sound

Xiaomi is experimenting with various charging methods. The company recently demonstrated its Air Charge technology, which allows devices to be charged wirelessly without the use of cables or stands. Another charging technology that was recently demonstrated was HyperCharge, which supports 200W wired fast charging. If you think that’s it, you’re wrong. Xiaomi has filed a patent indicating that it will use sound to charge smartphones and other electronic devices. The company has filed a patent application on the CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration) that reveals some important details about the upcoming charging solution. Let’s take a closer look at the Xiaomi sound charging patent that was filed no the CNIPA.

Patent for Xiaomi Sound Charging

Xiaomi is developing a new charging technology that relies on sound to power devices. CNIPA revealed the key details of this upcoming technology. Xiaomi has applied for a patent with China’s national patent office. Xiaomi could unveil a new type of charging solution in the coming years, according to the patent. According to the patent document, the Chinese smartphone giant is working on a technology that charges devices using sound and other components.

A sound charging device, an energy storage device, and an electronic device are all part of the technology. According to the patent description, the sound charging device includes a “sound collection device, a plurality of energy conversion devices, and a power conversion device” for converting environmental to mechanical vibration.

The electronic device will convert this mechanical vibration into an alternating current (AC), which will then be converted to direct current (DC) using the power conversion device, according to Xiaomi’s patent.

This charging technology, according to the patent, could be used to charge smartphones and other electronic devices without the use of a power outlet. The fact that the company has filed a patent does not guarantee that it will use the technology in the near future. When it comes to commercializing new technology, there are several factors to consider. We’ll have to wait and see if Xiaomi shows off its sound charging technology in the near future.

This is the company’s second such futuristic charging solution in the last few months. Mi Air Charge, which can charge multiple devices simultaneously while you’re gaming or walking around without the use of cables or stands, was previously announced by the company.

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