Xbox Series X Mini Fridge Will Be Available Christmas Holidays

Microsoft has finally made the mini refrigerator in the shape of the Xbox Series X official; the product will be available for purchase during the holiday season.

New information about Microsoft’s infamous mini-fridge, the Xbox X Series, has just been released in the last few hours. This product, based on what has been learned, should be available for purchase during the holiday season.

Xbox Series X: shut up Microsoft, and take my money!

Xbox Series X is shaped like a refrigerator. Microsoft is well aware of this, which is why, last year, it capitalized on the meme by creating a real fridge that resembles a massive version of the console, which it gave to a lucky winner and a few celebrities on the internet. However, in April of this year, it announced that a Mini version of the aforementioned product would be available for purchase without difficulty. Now it appears that he has kept his word, as the Xbox Mini Fridge is now available for purchase.

The device was unveiled at the Xbox + Bethesda E3 event, with the Redmond house promising that it would be available in time for the holidays this year.

There is no word on a price yet, but it should be significantly less than the $ 499 price tag of the official version it is based on (read console). Whatever the price, if you already own an Xbox Series X or simply enjoy Microsoft products, this is a great addition. Even if it’s just to have a cool drink with a lot of styles, why not? Let’s just hope the refrigerator units aren’t as scarce as the console…

In related news, be aware that the Series X’s availability is limited, whereas the Series S is more widely available. Unlike the giant big sister, it frequently resurfaces on Amazon, sometimes for several days.

Source: YouTube Microsoft

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