Windows 11 will support Android games and apps without the need for any software

Until now, we had to use different programs on computers to use applications on Android devices. Such a thing will be obsolete with Windows 11.

Since the announcement of Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows 11, many rumors have circulated about the features and innovations that the new operating system will provide. We were able to determine which of these claims were true and which were false thanks to the promotional event.

One of the features that have proven to be correct is the strength of the bond between Windows and Android. With the new operating system, it will be possible to use Android-developed mobile applications on computers without the need for an intermediary program or emulator.

This did not sit well with BlueStacks

windows 11

This feature has previously been mentioned in patch notes. The phrases “Fixed Android Emulator window cannot move without window” and “Fixed Android Emulator window does not move and closes when minimized” indicated that Windows contains a Fixed Android Emulator.

To use Android applications on Windows devices, you must currently use an intermediary program such as BlueStacks. This will not be the case in the new operating system. Android applications can be used by downloading the Normal application from the Windows Store.

Microsoft was said to be working on this feature under the guise of the “Latte Project” at the end of 2020. All developers had to do was convert their applications to the MSIX format used by Microsoft’s store. They also had to make the app’s behavior compatible with the desktop.

Do Android apps migrate smoothly to Windows 11?

Google is, of course, one of the most powerful companies in the Android ecosystem. The vast majority of apps require Google Play services in some way. It will also be discussed how useful this feature will be in the absence of a Google or Play Store application.

We’ve seen Android apps used on computers before, thanks to the Windows Phone app, but this was only possible with the Samsung Galaxy, which struck a special deal with Microsoft. Let’s see how the new feature evolves in the future.

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