Microsoft Wants To Include Steam And Epic Store to be part of its new Windows 11 app store

Panos Panay, a Microsoft Windows official, stated that Steam and Epic Games Store will be added to the Windows 11 store. Panay also discussed his vision for the Windows 11 store.

Microsoft’s redesigned app store was one of the most eye-catching features of Windows 11’s launch. Microsoft stated that this store would be more user-friendly and developer-friendly.

The new store system, which will allow Android applications to be downloaded through Amazon’s app store, has piqued people’s interest. Microsoft, on the other hand, wants to take this freedom a step further by including Steam and the Epic Games Store in the new Windows 11 app store.

A more liberated store

Microsoft’s director of Windows and Devices, Panos Panay, told The Verge, “Windows already hosts these stores.” We’d be happy to host these stores through the Microsoft Store if that’s possible. Other stores can, of course, come if they want to. We’re already working on policies and rules to support and encourage initiatives like this.”

Over the years, Steam has been the fastest-growing store for the Windows platform, and Panos Panay has big plans for the new store. Regardless of the competitor store, users can find everything they need in the Windows Store. “I really want people to be able to go to the Windows Store and find any product they’re looking for when they type it,” Panay said of his dream.

Microsoft won’t get a share from app developers

While Microsoft was attempting to establish this free store system, it also announced that if the store’s application developers used an alternative payment system, they would be able to keep all of their earnings. However, this does not apply to video games. In addition, Microsoft announced that as of August 1, the 30 percent share of games in the Microsoft Store will be reduced to 12 percent.

It is unclear how this system will be implemented in different stores’ games and content. With Windows 11, Microsoft will allow users to download Android apps from the Amazon app store. If Steam joins the Microsoft Store, a similar system could be used.

If Microsoft succeeds in making this dream a reality, this system could be extremely beneficial to all Windows users.

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