Facebook Smartwatch With Two Cameras will Launch Next Summer

Anonymity According to Facebook sources who spoke to The Verge, the company is working on a smartwatch project. The screen of this smartwatch, according to sources, can be detached from the wrist, and it will be able to shoot videos and photos with the cameras it has. These photos will also be shared directly on Facebook’s social media platforms.

Facebook, the social media behemoth, has entered the smartwatch market. Two unnamed sources told The Verge that the smartwatch will be released next year and will have impressive features. Facebook employs more than 100 people for the smartwatch project, according to statements made on the subject. Furthermore, the cost of this smartwatch to Facebook has surpassed $1 billion.

The smart watch Facebook is working on, according to name sources, is different from the models we’ve seen so far. So much so that the screen on this smartwatch will be detachable from the wrist. Users will be able to take video and photo shoots with this detachable screen, which will have cameras on both the front and back, and these shots will be shared directly on Facebook-owned platforms. According to sources, Facebook’s smartwatch project will separate users from their smartphones.

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Facebook is currently working on LTE support for its smartwatch

Facebook Smartwatch

Facebook has been in talks with the US telecommunications giants for a while, according to anonymous sources speaking to The Verge. We can assume that this smartwatch will use eSIM technology at this time. However, there is no clear situation at this time. Facebook’s statements will reveal how useful the smartwatch is in countries other than the United States.

Although the cameras and eSIM support are the most important features of Facebook’s smartwatch, it will also display a variety of ingenuity. This model will include features like a heart rate monitor, sports activities, and sleep tracking that are common in smartwatches. On the other hand, it is stated that this smartwatch will function without the use of a smartphone.

According to an unnamed source from Facebook’s 2022 summer season, an intelligent clock was about to be announced, which will be available in three colors. According to sources familiar with the matter, Facebook is still working on second and third-generation smartwatches, with color options of black, white, and gold.

Meanwhile, a large number of hours, particularly stuffed intelligent serial productions, have yet to be published. Furthermore, the smartwatch project has yet to be given a name by Facebook. According to sources who received information from the project team, the price of the smartwatch was discussed at $ 400. Even if everything goes smoothly, we still have a year ahead of us, and Facebook may decide to change the price of its smartwatch during that time.

Source: theverge

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