Apple Music: Lossless audio and Dolby Atmos available now

Apple Music is launching a lossless streaming (no data loss) audio service as well as ” Spatial Audio Dolby Atmos “. Audiophiles will no longer have to listen to music of poor quality.

Apple Music has been updated with a slew of new features for audiophiles.

The previously announced lossless quality spatial audio and streaming capabilities have now been activated by Apple. You can now stream selected tracks in both standard lossless / CD-quality audio and high-resolution lossless audio if you have the latest iOS, iPad, and macOS updates installed (of course, you must have an external DAC to take advantage of this feature).

During the WWDC keynote, Apple promised that both features would be available “yesterday,” but it took several hours for customers to notice them in the app. You may still be unable to see them; however, do not be discouraged. It will only take a few hours because the company is releasing the update via the server-side.

Also, keep in mind that lossless audio files take up a lot more space on your hard drive and consume a lot more data when streamed. Unless you change the preference to “lossless” in the Music app section of the iOS settings, standard AAC streaming will continue to be the default.

Over 20 million songs in lossless quality will be available at launch, according to the Cupertino OEM. By the end of 2021, Apple Music’s entire catalog of over 75 million songs will be complete. Lossless audio is only available through Apple Music and requires a subscription; it is not for sale, and you can’t update or get it through iTunes Match.

On the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV 4K, lossless audio is available. After a future software update, support for HomePod and HomePod Mini will be added.

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On Apple Music, you can now listen to spatial audio for the first time. Apple claims that millions of tracks now feature immersive Dolby Atmos-based mixes that deliver “true multidimensional sound and clarity.” However, compared to lossless tracks, “Spatial Audio” will have a much smaller selection.

The company has created several playlists to demonstrate the Atmos spatial audio experience across a variety of musical genres. These “surround sound” audio formats are also available from other companies like Tidal and Amazon.

Both features are now included in the standard Apple Music subscription.

Source: The Verge

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