Samsung and Google will merge to unify Wear OS and Tizen OS

According to what was officially communicated by a post published by Google, it seems that the company will work with Samsung to unify WearOS and TizenOS.

Samsung and Google are joining forces in order to merge and unify the WearOS wearable operating system of the Mountain View giant with the potential and features of TizenOS.

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Samsung and Google together for a joint software

Samsung and Google are deepening their relationship as both companies announced earlier this week plans to combine their respective wearable operating systems, Wear and Tizen OS.

In a blog post, the search engine giant announced that it will combine its Wear OS with the Tizen- based software platform used in the South Korean smartphone maker’s wearable products. This new platform was simply dubbed “ Wear “, although the name has yet to be finalized and is subject to possible changes. The merger of the two wearable operating systems would allow both companies to offer a better user experience to their customers.

Samsung and Google

With this joint effort, the companies would be able to offer improvements in battery life in the first place. Other benefits of these blends also include 30% faster load times for wearable applications and smoother animations. The partnership would even help developers make things easier. Furthermore, it would also create a single smartwatch operating system for the Android platform, while also offering a greater selection of apps and watch faces.

Google’s Bjorn Kilburn added stated on the matter:

All device manufacturers will be able to add a customized user experience to the platform, and developers will be able to use the Android tools they already know and love to create for a single platform and ecosystem.

Samsung has also confirmed that the next-generation Galaxy Watch will work on this new platform and this will ship with future high-end Fitbit devices as well.

Source: Google Blog

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