Realme laptop could launch in India as per an official survey

There have been reports of the launching of Realme laptops in the Indian market for quite some time. Although the company has not officially launched it yet, it was rumored that the launch of Realme laptops in India would happen by the middle of 2021. The company is set to launch laptops in India soon, it seems now, as the company has asked fans about their laptop preferences by posting a user survey on the Realme community website. As it is a new product category for Realme, the company hopes to bring out the right product.

In the Realme survey about users’ use of social media, current brand of laptops, laptop activities, their decision to buy laptops, and how much they are willing to spend on laptops with a choice of Rs 50,000 and above. Questions have been included in When buying a laptop, which feature will be most important as an alternative to a battery, processor, display size, quality, and other hardware, the survey also poses questions. The survey includes questions about how much the user’s current smartphone brands are and how satisfied they are with their smartphone. We imagine that Realme laptops can have seamless connectivity with Realme phones.

The company also wants to know how much users are willing to upgrade their current laptops in the next three months, which suggests that Realme can bring their laptops in the next few weeks, if not a few months. Younger brands may launch laptops in June this year, a report said earlier.

Source: 91mobiles

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