Nintendo Switch Pro likely to launch in September

Nintendo plans to release a new and improved model of the Switch console (Nintendo Switch Pro) before the end of October 2021, according to Bloomberg Media. The console may even arrive in September.

Various rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro have been circulating for months; The model is rumored to have Samsung’s seven-inch OLED display and support 4K resolution while connected to a TV. Bloomberg believes that Nintendo will completely replace the current switches with this new model. Of course, the $ 199 Nintendo Switch Lite continues to be produced and released. It is also said that the Nintendo Switch Pro, which will replace the current Nintendo Switch, will be priced above $ 299 (the current price of the switch). Of course, the official and final name of the more advanced and new model of Nintendo Switch is not known yet, and only the Internet is currently calling it Nintendo Switch Pro.

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Bloomberg considers the most important improvement of the new Nintendo Switch over the current Nintendo Switch on the market to be the use of a faster and newer Nvidia graphics chip. Referring to Switch’s success in selling more experience than Microsoft and Sony consoles over the past several months, the media believes that Nintendo wants to maintain this high sales speed with the help of the new model. The value of Nintendo shares has approached the company’s record in recent days.

According to Bloomberg, Nintendo will probably not wait until E3 2021 to introduce the new Nintendo Switch console. As a result, gamers now have to wait every day to face the trailer for the introduction of this console. It also seems that the new Nintendo Switch is facing fewer supply problems than the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X / S series. Because it needs them less to produce.

Source: Bloomberg

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