Google’s first phone with a Foldable display codenamed Passport appeared on Android 12

The beta version of Android 12 was released last night and now we are witnessing the revelation of documents about Google’s new product.

If you follow the news of the world of technology, you will surely know that the first trial version of Android was released to users last night. Google officials announced some of the capabilities of the platform at the launch event, but many of these features remained unsaid. Now, thanks to some curious people browsing the code of the trial version of Android 12, evidence has been found about a smartphone with a flexible Google display. Read on to find out more about this.

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According to documents released by the 9to5Google website, four models of Pixel phones are apparently on the waiting list for the introduction. The most important option is the last one with the code name Passport, which seems to be related to the Google smartphone with a flexible display. The construction number of the mentioned models is related to the part number of Japan and the name code of each one is written next to them.

  • Barbet (pixels 5a 5G ) – G4S1M
  • Oriole (pixels 6) – GR1YH
  • Raven (pixel 6) – GF5KQ
  • Passport (Pixel Fold) – GPQ72

The code name of the passport was previously mentioned in the news media along with two other smartphones, but now it has been determined that the other two models belong to the Pixel 6. While we hope to see Google’s new flexible display product as a competitor to the Galaxy Z Fold 3 soon, it is unclear if this will happen in the near future. But given Google’s track record of introducing high-priced flagships, it is unlikely that they will take the risk and take the project to the final stage with great caution.

Fortunately for those who want to have a product based on a pure Android operating system at an affordable price, Google has confirmed that the project of the low-cost version of Pixel 5 called Pixel 5a 5G has not been canceled at all and soon, Will enter the US market. Finally, we have to wait and see when Google officials have set a time for the official unveiling of the new smartphone with a flexible display with the code name Passport.

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