OnePlus will launch a webcam for its smart TVs in India

According to speculation, it seems that OnePlus wants to launch a webcam for its smart TVs in selected markets such as India.

OnePlus is about to launch a webcam for its smart TVs in India: this is what was revealed by a recent report that emerged on the net in these hours. In fact, we know that the Chinese brand entered the smart TV market in the second half of 2019. Even after more than a year, the brand’s televisions are still exclusive to the Indian market. Currently, the company sells a total of five TV models in different price segments but does not sell accessories for them. Fortunately, things will soon change; the launch of a webcam will ensure that this kind of product becomes even smarter and more innovative.

OnePlus: TVs are getting smarter

According to a report written by MySmartPrice in collaboration with Twitter user Yogesh, OnePlus will soon launch a webcam for its smart TVs. This product is said to have passed the initial prototype stage.

According to the report, OnePlus’ next webcam for smart TVs will be plug & play and will also have a shutter. Basically, to work it will only need to be attached to the TV; that’s it. This implementation reminds us of the recently launched TCL P725 series televisions in India, which are also equipped with a similar type of camera.

Unfortunately, nothing else is known about this OnePlus TV webcam except that it won’t be compatible with the brand’s cheapest TV model: The onePlus TV 32Y1. This means that this accessory will only work with the following products: OnePlus TV 43Y1, OnePlus TV 55U1, OnePlus TV Q1, and OnePlus TV Q1 Pro.

What do you think of this OnePlus webcam for its smart TVs? How much do you think it will cost? We hope that the company will be able to market this category of products also for the international market. After almost two years … we still believe in it.

Source: MySmartPrice

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