Huawei: 2021 smart TVs with HDR and audio support by Devialet

Huawei has just presented the new generation TVs (Smart Screen, as the company, calls them) with HDR and audio support by Devialet.

Huawei may have collapsed on the smartphone front, but the company still strives to continue making progress on other aspects of its consumer business sector. Today, the Chinese giant unveiled three new smart TV series: we find televisions that are part of the X, V, and S range. All models are equipped with cutting-edge technology, cinema-grade audio, and video output, and many other features.

Huawei: the focus on the Smart Screen V series

The Huawei Smart Screen V series is the flagship and comes in four different screen sizes: 55-inch, 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch models. The TV retains last year’s terminal design, including a front pop-up camera, a three-sided thin bezel that gives users an immersive viewing experience.

The Huawei Smart Screen V series adopts a metal frame manufactured using aluminum alloy with a brushed metal finish which gives it an elegant appearance. It also uses a 0.3mm ultra-polished stainless steel sheet to combine the soundbar and speaker into a single design. The screen and speakers are integrated together with a single black color, making all surrounding features appear as if invisible when the screen is turned on. The maximum brightness of the 65-inch, 75-inch, and 85-inch models is 1000 nits, while the 55-inch model has a maximum brightness of 750 nits.

Huawei 2021 smart TV

The 85-inch version also uses a direct-lit matrix partition backlight (168 partitions). Brightness Control Pro technology further enhances image contrast by adjusting the brightness of the real-time division of each image frame and allows for deeper dark parts and higher peak brightness.

Huawei 2021 smart TV

In addition, the Huawei V Series 2021 Smart Screen has a high refresh rate of 120Hz. It also comes with a special holder from Huawei which tends to enhance videos with a low frame rate and increase them to prevent stuttering and allow for a smooth and comfortable viewing experience.

The V series also arrives as the world’s first new smart screen product with Vivid HDR certification. Each frame of the movie has its own metadata (including key information such as brightness and color). HDR Vivid optimizes the brightness, contrast, and color of each frame through different metadata; this restores the original intention of HDR content creators and provides users with a better viewing experience.

Huawei 2021 smart TV

In terms of performance, the V series is equipped with Honghu 818 smart chip, consisting of dual-core Cortex A53 architecture and dual-core Cortex-A73 architecture and clocked at 1.5GHz.

The pop-up camera is a 24MP ultra wide-angle AI lens that supports a 1080P high-definition video chat. With the smart portrait tracking algorithm, the camera can recognize the portrait intelligently without moving, so that the character display is always in the center of the screen. When using the Smart Screen to watch videos or perform other operations, you can use the clock and chat function to talk to your friends while watching a movie.
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Sound quality is also an important strength of the new generation of Huawei products. There is an ultra-thin subwoofer with high power, long-stroke, low distortion, thinner thickness, and lower low-frequency immersion. Sound modes include Auto, Devialet, Standard, Cinema, Music, News, Custom.

Among them, the Devialet mode is the product of a joint partnership of Huawei and Devialet. The mode focuses on the two main scenes of music and film; it serves to distribute Devalet-style sound effects and also supports a vertical 3D surround sound field and sends left and right surround sound to full-range speakers at the top of the smart screen, giving you a better 3D surround effect.

The Huawei Smart Screen V series runs on HarmonyOS and features newly developed entertainment scene functions. Huawei’s smart touch screen remote control has a built-in NFC tag. With this function, video and audio content on a mobile phone can be quickly projected on the smart screen without the aid of a connection via WiFi.

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