Realme 8 Pro: 108MP camera is OFFICIAL, here are all the technical specifications

On the occasion of the Camera Innovation Event, Realme today presented its first 108 MP camera(Realme 8 Pro): here are all the technical specifications.

For lovers of mobile photography, one of the most important news of 20201 arrives: Realme, on the occasion of the Camera Innovation Event, officially presented its first 108 MP camera, which will be equipped with the new range of Realme 8 smartphones.

Realme 8: 108MP on board

With razor-sharp shots, the world’s first time-lapse tilt-shift videos, Starry time-lapse videos, and new portrait filters, the Realme 8 series is about to lead – according to the Chinese brand. – the photography revolution. This is thanks to the photographic equipment that today has become official, namely the main 108 MP sensor.

108 MP sensor

Coming to the details, it is now certain that the Realme 8 Pro will adopt the 108MP Samsung HM2 as its main camera, with 12000 × 9000 pixels and a large 1 / 1.52 ″ sensor.

According to the Asian brand, the 108 MP photos taken by the next Realme device will have a well-balanced overall exposure, with vivid colors and defined details in both the bright and darker areas, while the details will still be sharp even after using it. zoom.

The 3x mode of Realme 8 Pro will activate a new zoom-in sensor that will only use the 12 megapixels mapped with the enlarged section to generate an image. Due to the smaller size, the processing process will be faster on the 12MP photo, allowing Realme 8 Pro to take eight 12MP photos in a row and, thanks to the definition enhancing algorithm, further increase the sharpness of the image. After this processing, a 3x photo taken with Realme 8 Pro is even better, in terms of sharpness, than those of some optical telephoto lenses.

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Realme also launched the first Starry time-lapse videos on smartphones, inventing a time-lapse video algorithm based on photos of the starry sky. It will take 480 seconds to take 30 photos and then generate a 1-second time-lapse video, which means that the time-lapse mode can show the ever-changing universes at 480 times faster speed.

In addition, with the new tilt-shift algorithm, the Realme 8 series will be able to take tilt-shift photos and tilt-shift videos in time-lapse – according to the company – 10 times faster.

Realme also offers users some adjustment options in the tilt-shift mode, including the shape, angle, position, and size of the bokeh effect and even the transition effect between the bokeh area and the clear area. You can then choose and customize the bokeh effect to best suit the scene.

Finally, the Realme 8 series will offer three filters to make every portrait even more trendy: Neon Portrait, Dynamic Bokeh Portrait, and AI Color Portrait.

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