OnePlus 9 series arrive on March 23 – a partnership with Hasselblad is confirmed!

The OnePlus finally set a date for the launch of its new generation of the mobile top line, the OnePlus 9, and took the opportunity to also confirm something that had already appeared in leaks: a partnership with Hasselblad. The new smartphones in the OnePlus 9 series will be launched on March 23, bringing cameras with the seal of approval of the iconic Swedish brand.

Hasselblad is famous for the cameras it has been manufacturing for tens of years and has even supplied the camera that was used to take the first photo of the man on the moon. But this market is no longer what it once was – largely because of smartphones themselves – and the company was bought by DJI. Most Chinese drones currently carry cameras with the Hasselblad seal.

And this quality print will be extended to the line of OnePlus 9 phones, but perhaps the partnership between these companies does not stop there. According to what has been announced, OnePlus wants to deliver the benefits of this partnership to its customers “immediately”, which may mean software updates with Hasselblad’s expertise to help improve the performance of cameras in already launched phones as well.

” Hasselblad believes in the power of images and our mission is to continue to push the limits of imaging technology. With that in mind, Hasselblad is determined to work together with OnePlus, an innovative company that shares the same vision and passion. by partnering with OnePlus, we look forward to putting Hasselblad’s iconic design and impressive image quality in the hands of more people and sharing our passion for amazing photography. “

Jon Diele, Vice President of Hasselblad

The announcement did not confirm as many details about the cameras of the OnePlus 9 itself but revealed what the main sensor will be – a customized Sony IMX789 that, according to the manufacturer, offers RAW images in 12-bit and up to 64 times more colors than before. OnePlus hopes that its new line of cell phones will offer a “huge leap” in camera quality.

Source: Neowin , Engadget

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