LG Rollable one step away from launch: it gets certified on Bluetooth SIG

When will the LG Rollable be presented, which appeared today on the Bluetooth SIG website, which certifies its Bluetooth 5.2 support?

The LG Rollable phone has appeared on a major certification site: here’s what it is and why the smartphone is so close to the official launch.

LG Rollable coming soon

The future of the LG Rollable phone has been clouded by recent rumors that the company may sell its mobile device division. However, the Rollable appeared on the Bluetooth SIG website today and that means the phone – identified with model number LM-R910N – will feature Bluetooth 5.2 support. Although no other details have emerged, the certification obtained is a clear sign that this Rollable smartphone is as close as ever to its official debut.

lg rollable bluetooth sig listing

In any case, as regards the other specifications, support the Bluetooth 5.2 standard chipset probably narrows the options of the LG Rollable: the latest rumor, in fact, claim that onboard the smartphone rolled company South Korea will be the Snapdragon 888, while other rumors point to the Snapdragon 865 Plus or the mid-range Snapdragon 768G as a possible SoC supplied.

Despite the appearance on the Bluetooth SIG website, the release date of the phone remains a mystery; however, as we wrote a few lines above, this Rollable smartphone is close to the official presentation. An important issue to address is when the terminal will actually be available for purchase by users: if LG wants to be the first manufacturer in the world to put a rollable phone on the market, it has to get moving, since OPPO has shown its rollable. OPPO X 2021 earlier this year, suggesting that the unveiling of the device is not that far off.

Source: Sammobile

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