Discord: Microsoft ready to acquire for 10 billion dollars

Discord is officially on sale, the first player to take an interest is Microsoft which could acquire the company for 10 billion dollars.

Discord is looking for a buyer, the most popular voice chat and messaging platform among PC gamers could be acquired by Microsoft. To communicate it is Bloomberg which estimates a value of over 10 billion dollars, the application born in 2015 could integrate perfectly with the Xbox ecosystem.

For now, we have no official information of an offer that came from Redmond, before choosing the buyer Discord could endorse the idea of going public.


Since the first version of 2015, the voice chat service has attracted the attention of gamers, the ability to create servers from scratch and customize them far and wide has allowed everyone to create a space in which to host friends and companions. game. Over the years the application has matured a lot, the integration with Twitch has involved streamers and communities and the debut on Android and iOS has helped to reach over 140 million active users.

After the acquisition of Bethesda and the many innovations introduced in the Xbox Game Pass service, the conquest of Discord would be yet another winning move for Microsoft. We await official communications about it to find out what will become of the famous platform so loved by gamers.


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