Xiaomi has filed a legal complaint against the government of the US

According to what is learned from Reuters, it seems that Xiaomi has filed a legal complaint against the government of the United States of America.

In the past months, the US government, under the Trump administration, has targeted Xiaomi by adding it to the aforementioned military blacklist. The story, even if it is not as serious as the one that occurred for Huawei, is still a serious danger to the trade and business of the Asian company.

Xiaomi’s reaction to Trump’s ban

Being included in the military Black List involves several problems: American investors must cease their commercial relations with the companies (therefore also with the Chinese giant) included in the aforementioned list by 21 November 2021. The accusation is in fact that of having relations special with the army of China.

In this regard, Xiaomi has released a statement stating that it has no ties to the country’s military and today, according to a report published on Reuters, the company even filed a legal complaint.

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The telephone OEM reportedly filed a complaint in a Washington district court against the US Department of Defense and Treasury. Precisely, secretary Janet Yellen of the brand defines the choice to add Xiaomi to the military blacklist as ” illegal and unconstitutional “.

Just as stated earlier, the company denies, once again, that it is controlled by the People’s Liberation Army of China. When the US government made the decision, it didn’t provide any evidence that the world’s third-largest smartphone maker is associated with the Chinese military.

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Speaking of which, Xiaomi claims that a significant number of shareholders come from the United States whose strategic relationship is key to growing in a competitive market. The accusation made by the Trump administration is in fact a serious danger to the image that the company has with its partners.

Although Xiaomi can still import US technology without a license (unlike Huawei or DJI who are banned), an immediate investment restriction will cause irreparable damage to the company. Let’s wait and see how the US government under Joe Biden’s presidency will respond in the days to come.

Source: Reuters

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