Carl Pei founder of OnePlus launched his new company called Nothing

Carl Pei has just formalized the birth of the electronic start-up Nothing: a veil of mystery that makes us incredibly curious.

Carl Pei, the founder of OnePlus who is now out of the company, launched his new company today. It is called Nothing, which translated means “nothing”. And in fact, nothing or little is known about what Pei’s future plans are

Nothing is known about Nothing, but it looks promising

There is a huge veil of mystery surrounding this start-up. What we do know at the moment is that the company will focus on electronics products. More than once, it seems: the idea could be to develop a real ecosystem.

While keeping the secret, Pei made it clear that the idea is to create “unique” devices, which do not resemble those of the competition. There are rumors that it could be the product for listening to music, at least initially, but there is no confirmation. The hypothesis of a possible launch of a streaming music service seems remote: Pei prefers to focus on the sale of hardware.

The CEO of Nothing hinted that, initially, it will be not too complex products, but the promise is to level up as the company’s team grows.

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In short, a startup that promises very well, especially considering that among the investors there are figures of the caliber of the creator of the iPod (Tony Fadell), the co-founder of Twitch (Kevin Lin), the CEO of (Reddit Steve Huffman) and YouTuber Casey Neistat. Below, the mission of this brand new company, communicated by Pei:

“Nothing’s mission is to remove the barriers between people and technology to create a seamless digital future. We believe that the best technology is beautiful, yet natural and intuitive to use. When it’s advanced enough, it should fade into the background and look like nothing. “

Curiosity grows …

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