Samsung Galaxy Note series may not discontinued in 2021

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series has created a buzz in the hearts of people for many years. This Galaxy Note series has been discussed for quite some time. Because in the last few months, Samsung has discontinued its Galaxy Note series of flagship smartphones; Many such rumors and news were revealed.

However, is not planning to kill the series anytime soon. This is said by a company official. According to a Sammobile report based on a Yonhap News article, a Samsung official revealed that the next Galaxy Note series will arrive next year; The company is preparing for this.

In other words, we can expect the arrival of the Galaxy Note 21 lineup with the Galaxy S21 series. For those unaware, the rumors behind the shutdown of the Galaxy Note series were strengthened following a hint from Samsung’s mobile business head TM Roh. The Galaxy S21S will come with pen support.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

But sources within the company said that the Galaxy Note series would be discontinued, Roh’s message does not mean this. At this time, various conflicting reports about the future of the Galaxy Note series are reported, with the company reporting that it may have a last-generation lineup or launch shutdown before fully merging it with the flagship Galaxy S series.

Unfortunately, we still have no way to confirm any of these reports, and will have to wait until the official company is announced.

Source: gizmochina

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