Xbox app for smart TV likely to be released in 2021

Xbox app for smart TV likely to be released in 2021; An app that can stream X-Cloud service games to your TV.

It is possible that you do not need a special console and hardware to play. Game services in the cloud follow the same idea, and Microsoft works in exactly the same area as the X-Cloud service. XCloud service can run Xbox games in the cloud on Android phones. Now the next step will be to launch this service for smart TV; An app like Netflix on smart TVs that can stream games over the Internet. Recently, Phil Spencer (head of Microsoft’s Xbox division) told The Verge that it is unlikely that the Xbox app will launch on smart TV next year. Spencer noted that no one has stopped them from launching such an app and that this is likely to happen over the next 12 months.

Spencer also mentioned last month that the X-Cloud dongle will most likely be available for TVs and devices. The idea of ​​streaming games on different devices can be implemented in the form of dongles or even applications; Something that might happen in 2021. Microsoft is currently working on the release of XCloud for iOS and plans to design the service to make it available to users through a web browser, TV, or any other streaming platform.

According to rumors, Microsoft was working on Xbox for game streaming in 2016, but the project was canceled. Now Microsoft wants to expand its game streaming service to more platforms.

Xbox app for smart TV likely to be released in 2021

While Microsoft is considering developing the XCloud service, it has no plans to leave the console field. Spencer noted that the new Xbox consoles will not be their latest hardware, and in the future, we can see hybrid devices that can run games locally and in the cloud. In fact, gaming will become a hybrid platform where players on any device can access their game.

Hybridization will likely mean that the XCloud service will be available for the Xbox X-Series and S-Series. This feature allows players to enter the game quickly without having to download it completely. They can even experience part of the game in the cloud and buy it if they like the game.

Microsoft also plans to launch the X Cloud service for its Facebook gaming service; So in the future, we will see a lot of changes on X Cloud. However, we do not yet have much information about the Xbox app for smart TV. Microsoft began working with Samsung in early 2020 to develop an X-Cloud service on the company’s handsets. The company also plans to upgrade XCloud server hardware to Xbox X Series hardware in 2021.


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