Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite may be coming soon

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Some time ago, rumors were spread about the possibility of launching the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite, which was supposed to be launched at a lower price than the Galaxy Z Fold 2. But now it seems that this project has been abandoned, but we can be optimistic about the Galaxy Z Flip Lite.

The display of this phone, like the Z Flip, seems to use UTG glass to protect the display.

A well-known whistleblower, who is known for providing reliable information, especially in the field of clamshell phones, said that he has not heard anything about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Lite for some time and that it is likely that Samsung has stopped developing it. But the whistleblower went on to say that there were rumors about the Galaxy Z Flip Lite being made as a cheaper version of the Z Flip. It also looks like the Z Flip uses ultra-thin glass, or UTG, to protect the screen.

Meanwhile, rumors about Z fold Lite predicted that its display would be completely plastic, like the first generation Galaxy Fold, to save costs. If the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Lite hits the market, it will get more attention with its lower price than the Z Flip. In any case, we have to wait for more reports to be published, because, at the moment, this news is rumored.

Source: GSM Arena

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