Samsung like Apple: Galaxy S21 series ditch the charger and headphones

 What could Samsung Galaxy S21 have in common with iPhone 12? The sales package, or rather, the supplied accessories: no charger?

Samsung like Apple Galaxy S21 series ditch the charger and headphones

The charger and earphones may not be part of the sales package of future Samsung Galaxy S21 (or S30). Apple may have paved a path, which other manufacturers will follow, and it wouldn’t be the first time.

Samsung Galaxy S21: ultra slim packaging?

Remember when Apple launched the first smartphone with a notch? Everyone criticized it and, immediately after, all the other manufacturers put smartphones with the same feature on the market.

Here, with the story of the charger and headphones, not present in the package, it could go in the exact same way. In fact, if you don’t know, the new iPhone 12 arrives in decidedly minimal packaging, without the accessories described above. A choice due to the attention of the bitten apple to the environment, mainly.

According to recent reports, the South Korean giant could decide to do the same. Its next flagship line of smartphones, the Samsung  Galaxy S21, could arrive in a pretty slim package, containing only cable, basic manuals, and a SIM clip, in addition to the smartphone of course.

There is no certainty about this decision and, in all likelihood, it will not be there until the official launch of the devices. However, if the report turns out to be correct, it wouldn’t be too surprising.

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