Google Assistant Driving Mode for Maps pop up on some Android devices

 Google is about to launch a new feature integrated into Google Assistant that could retire Android Auto on smartphones.

Google Assistant Driving Mode for Maps pop up on some Android devices

The Google Assistant driving mode, which the company first announced in 2019, has begun to pop up on some Android devices, XDA-Developers reported. The UI looks slightly different from what Google showed at last year’s developer conference. XDA says it first noticed something new a couple of weeks ago when users started reporting some news to the new graphical navigation interface in Google Maps.

No more Android Auto on smartphones?

It is not clear if the launch of this new mode is part of a test or if it will arrive for all users. XDA’s Mishaal Rahman said he spotted the new driving mode on a Google Pixel 4, Asus ZenFone 7 Pro, and LG Velvet and speculates that the new mode will replace the Android Auto app currently on smartphones.

It is not yet clear whether the new mode will include all the features described by Google when it first unveiled this new mode. At the time of presentation, the goal was to make it available on any Android phone with integrated Assistant and through the use of a voice message such as “Hey Google, let’s drive”, it would allow you to view a dashboard with the most relevant activities related to the selected route and other personalized advice, providing features related to infotainment in all vehicles where there is no touchscreen display.

The Google Assistant Driving Mode announced at Google I/O 2019 seems to finally be rolling out

— XDA (@xdadevelopers) October 16, 2020

As reported by Android Police instead, the voice command does not seem to work yet even on devices enabled for the new mode . To check if your device has received this new function, you will need to open the Google Maps app, go to the navigation settings menu, or your device has the driving mode with the assistant, open Google Maps and from the ” navigator settings ”, it will then be necessary to select the item“ Google Assistant settings ”. If it is still not enabled, you will be redirected to the main wizard settings section. In this case, it will be necessary to wait and try again in the next few days to find out any news.

At the moment, a Google spokesperson did not want to answer questions asking for more information on the driving mode, but replying to an email sent by The Verge Sunday, said that the tech giant is continuously working to make Google Assistant again. more useful. 

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