watchOS 7: Problems with GPS on Apple Watch after the update

 Some Apple Watch owners are complaining that the device is unable to properly record GPS location with watchOS 7.

watchOS 7 Problems with GPS on Apple Watch after the update

Apparently, some Apple Watches do not report GPS data after the watchOS 7 update – what happens?

Apple Watch: no GPS with watchOS 7

Several Apple Watch owners are copiously complaining that after updating their devices to watchOS 7, activities do not properly record GPS locations.

Basically, what is recorded is only the starting position and, as you can read from the messages found on the Apple forum, the bug is quite annoying and widespread.

I used the Outdoor Walk activity on my watch but didn’t bring my iPhone this time. When I came back and tried to upload the activity to Strava, I got a warning that there was no GPS / route data. I checked the Fitness and Health apps and, I’m pretty sure, there was no route on the map, just the starting point.

I spoke to someone from Apple Support and they suggested that I disable/re-enable a couple of related privacy settings. I have since tried another activity Outdoor Walk, with no phone present, and the problem persists no GPS / route data.

My wife also had the same problem tonight, after updating her iPhone X and S4 Watch. It got the same results, no GPS / route information was saved with the activity.

Unfortunately, I have the same problem, but until now there has been no solution. The map shows only the DEPARTURE and not the route or the stop.

At the moment, the Cupertino giant doesn’t seem to have given any answers, other than to blame third-party apps like Strava. The complaints concern, in particular, the Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5 models, i.e. all models that support the update.

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